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Venus Gear Brightening Cream and Stress Free-1 (30ml)

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The revolutionary formulation used in Venus Gear includes collagen and hyaluronic acid for skin hydration and softness, stabilized vitamin C for its antioxidant properties and hexapeptide-20 for its advanced skin lightening actions.

  • Achieve lighter, brighter and radiant skin
  • Hydrate and nourish your skin for a soft and healthy feel
  • Lighten age, pigmentation, sun spot, birthmarks, freckles and darker skin patches
  • Natural peptide ingredient 
  • Selectively reduces melanin production in skin 
  • Brought to you by Australian and Japanese scientist 
  • Contains no hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or harmful beaching agents


The active ingredient in Venus Gear is a bioactive peptide, which binds to a specific receptor on the surface of melanocytes. The activation of this surface receptor significantly reduces the amount of melanin that is produced inside the cells. The Venus Gear peptide is the only product that acts at the surface of melanocytes (rather than needing to penetrate the cells) and activates a molecular switch to reduce melanin production. The effect is opposite to that of the pigment-promoting hormone called melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH).


To our knowledge, the active ingredient in Venus Gear is the only lightening agent that has been developed scientifically using a rational design process. That is, before the search for the active ingredient began, the molecular target was identified and characterized. This target was then used to ‘capture’ peptides from a vast peptide library to find those few that could activate it and therefore work as lightening agents. The best activator (and therefore best skin lightening agent) was found to be hexapeptide-20.


The best lightening agent identified through the research process (hexapeptide-20) was a short peptide, containing 6 amino acids, that is identical to a portion of a protein found in tomatoes. Peptides in general, and short peptides in particular, are fast becoming one of the most popular classes of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics because of their high degree of specificity and excellent safety profile. In Venus Gear, the bioactive peptide is present in a highly-purified form.


Cell toxicity trials: Addition of the peptide to cultured human embryonic kidney cells and B16F10 cells at concentrations equal to and higher than formulated level resulted in no measurable cell toxicity after 24 hours. This suggests that the lower melanin production is not due to cell death or impairment. This also indicates that the use of the Venus Gear peptide will not result in a vitiligo (‘patchy’) side-effect as seen in some other lightening agents.


Viability of HEK293 cells was maintained above 100% after incubation with the peptide at different concentrations for 24 hours.


Many men and women have a personal preference to achieve an overall lighter skin tone. Others may wish for improved smoothness and enhance the beauty of their skin by minimising skin colour variation. Venus Gear can achieve both these by expertly lightening your skin and improving skin tone, colour balance and smoothness. Venus Gear can also be used for naturally dark areas (such as dark elbows, knees, knuckles, underarms and intimate areas) and a number of hyperpigmentation skin conditions. The causes of skin pigmentation problems include:

  • UV radiation - excessive UV or sun exposure, which results in age spots, sun spots, freckles and tans.
  • Hormones - as seen in melasma or chloasma, types of hyperpigmentation caused by pregnancy or the contraceptive pill.
  • Damage to the skin – a result of physical damage to the skin, chemical peels, laser treatments or acne.
  • Birthmarks and acquired pigmentation – excessive skin pigmentation can be present at birth, appear in childhood, or later in adulthood.
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