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PURAN - Acno-Lift Creme 25+ (impure skin) - 40ml

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PURAN FORMULA - System for impure Skin Cleanliness.  Pure and simple – as clear and fresh as a mountain brook.  Conditioned with a system that gives your skin natural protection, restoring its equilibrium and lending you a complexion that is a joy to see. 

Acno-Lift Creme for impure skin for the needs of adults with impure skin. BIOACTIVE PURAN COMPLEX with BioEcolia® and Panthenol has an antibacterial effect and helps to Counter inflammatory processes. Pimples and impurities clear up faster. The antiaging vitamins A (Retinol) and and Vitamin E acetate support the skin renewal and offer protection against free radicals. Skin moisture level is stabilized and fine lines and wrinkles are gently smoothed.



Creamy, soft texture


Impure skin after puberty. For all customers still struggling with impurities after the age of 25.


Morning and evening: After using the Anti-Blemish Stick or Creme, a serum, fluid or concentrate, apply to the face, neck, and décolletage and lightly massage in.


Bioactive Puran Complex 

with BioEcolia® and panthenol 

Vitamin A/Retinol – an anti-aging vitamin that boosts the cell division rate of keratinocytes and gives the skin a youthful appearance

Vitamin E acetate – protects the skin from free radicals and therefore from premature skin aging



•2-in-1 effect

•Combats existing impurities and prevents new ones from occurring

•Provides the skin with anti-aging substances and protects it from premature aging

•Reduces lines and wrinkles

•Boosts cell renewal

•Supports natural skin flora 

•Stabilizes the skin's protective acid mantle

•Has an antibacterial effect

•Gives skin a clear, balanced appearance


This product is perfect for use in combination with:

Cleansing Fluid

Clarifying Lotion

Fruit Peeling

Anti-Blemish Stick

Anti-Blemish Creme

Deep Cleansing Mask

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