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Nishiomeikouen - Gyokuro SOUHEKI (50g)

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A True Taste of Luxury (No. 2 Grade) 

With a mellow sweetness that softens the heart, Gyokuro ‘Jade Dew’ is the very best of Japan's green teas. Before harvesting, tea bushes are shaded for an extended period so that leaves develop a higher chlorophyll level and less tannin. The result is a very refined tea with dark green leaves, a fresh flowery aroma and a sweet mild flavor with fruity aftertaste. NISHIOMEIKOUEN Gyokuro is a limited and highly sought-after grade of green tea as it can only be produced in mid-May as the seasons permit.



  • Pour enough boiling water into the empty teapot to fill everyone’s cup. The teapot should NOT contain any teas leaves at this point.
  • Pour the water into each cup, filling it almost to the top. Pouring the water will cool it about 10°C, so pour the cups back into the teapot, then back into the cups for a second time.
  • Water temperature 40-60°C
  • Put about two smallish teaspoons of tea leaves into the empty teapot for each cup of tea. The teapot I am using comes with an infuser, but if yours doesn’t, you can put the leaves directly in the pot.
  • Pour the water in the teacups back into the teapot.
  • Let the tea steep until the leaves unfurl, about 2 minutes.
  • Pour a small amount of tea into the first cup, then pour the same amount into every other cup. Continue filling the cups a little at a time, making sure that each cup contains the same amount of the weaker first pours and the stronger last drops. DO NOT fill one cup completely and then move on to the next cup.
  • Continue pouring until the teapot is completely empty. You want the leaves to be as dry as possible to ensure a quality second infusion
  • For the second infusion, you do not need to add any fresh leaves. Pour boiling water from your kettle directly into the cups and wait a few minutes. Here is where it becomes tricky to get a good temperature. You want the same water temperature as before, but the rate at which water cools depends on so many factors, that I cannot possibly judge how long you might have to wait.
  • Let the tea steep 15 seconds (this may seem short, but is plenty, since the leaves have been soaking in the remaining water) then pour the brew into the cups, alternating cups as before. Distribute all the liquid, leaving the leaves as dry as possible.
  • Depending on the quality of the tea you are using, you can get anywhere from 2 to 4 more infusions. Use the same method as you did for the second infusion, but add about 10 seconds to the steeping time for each infusion.



It is rich in antioxidants, which means that every cup of tea you drink may provide you with wonderful health benefits that will make you feel great.

Some of these chemicals are potent antioxidants that destroy free radicals, metabolic byproducts or environmental toxins that may damage cellular membranes or DNA.

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