• 7 set Chakras
  • C - Root (red)
  • C - Sacral (Orange)
  • C - Solar (yellow)
  • C - Heart (green)
  • C - Throat (Blue)
  • C - Eye (Indigo)
  • C- Crown (Purple)

Heart-Mind Wellness - Chakra Singing Bowl Set 7pcs (Sun and Moon Edition)

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Energy healing practitioners employ singing bowls to balance out-of-harmony chakras and re-energise the auric field. When used as part of sound therapy, singing bowls not only heal but can also help with pain management. From a Buddhist perspective, singing bowls represent the offering of sound, which creates the causes to be able to listen to the Dharma in this and future lives.

This set of chakra singing bowls comprises of seven hand-beaten bowls, each tuned to a specific note on the music scale. Each bowl is associated with a specific chakra or energy centre on our body, making them particularly suitable for energy healing, singing bowl therapy and sound meditation.

Crown Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Throat Chakra

Root Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

Rimming Method

  1. Hold the bowl on the flat of your palm. Ensure that your palm does not mute the bowl or prevent it from vibrating freely.
  2. Applying even pressure, rub the ringing stick clockwise around the rim of the bowl.
  3. Experiment with the wood and suede surfaces, the speed of moving the ringing stick, the angle of contact and the amount of pressure until you are satisfied with the tone and volume.
  4. It is important to apply even pressure using your arm instead of your wrist.
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