国産タオルの二大生産地のひとつ、大阪南部地域(泉州地域)。1926年(大正15年)、袋谷恒吉がこの地に「ふくろやタオル」を創業して以来、政治郎、清一郎、昇と代々受け継ぎ、小さい工場ながらも技術力と企画力を高めながら、時代に呼応した個性的なタオルを企画・生産し、現在に至ります。今回の「NOKORI-FUKU のこり福」も、タオルの新たな挑戦でした。役目を終えた自然素材からこれまでにない色を、どうすれば抽出することができるのか。泉州タオル伝統の「後ざらしと後染め製法」の良さを、どうすれば活かすことができるのか。研究と試作を重ね、ようやく満足のいく仕上がりになりました。

The southern region of Osaka, known as Senshu, has a long history in towel production and remains one of two major domestic towel manufacturing areas as today. Founded in 1926 by Fuku-roya Tsunekichi, "Fukuroya Towel” has remained a family company as it has been passed down from generation to generation. While the factory has retained a relatively small size, we have kept relevant and up-to-date with enhanced technical and planning capabilities, as well as the continued production of unique towels that meet the needs of our customers. The development of the new NOKORI-FUKU towel series, is one such example of the welcomed challenges. When the idea first came about, we at Fukuroya Towel, set to work thinking about how could we extract vivid color from the natural remnants left behind after they had finished their initial intended purpose. Also, we thought about how could we also make use of the Senshu Towel tradition of rear-finishing and post-dyeing. After a lot of research and prototyping, we finally achieved the result we were after - A product that keeps to our standards of an extremely soft, highly water absorbent towel adding to it an unprecedented color. If this towel can add more color to your life, we are certain that it will bring happiness to both you and our towel craftsman alike.


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